Our wedding day is likely to be one of the most important days of our lives so it is vital to organise everything well and have the right people involved so that the entire event in Ibiza is a success. In fact there are a number of indispensable professionals who need to be included in the organisation so that your wedding is unforgettable.

Priest or Mayor. In the event that we want to hold the ceremony in a church we must contact the priest a few months in advance and choose the church where we would like to carry out the wedding. In Ibiza there are many beautiful churches: Sant Agustí, Es Cubells,…If the ceremony is to be a civil one, then the responsibility for the service will be the local Mayor or one of the Councillors. This is one of the most magical moments of the whole event at the Restaurant Ses Roques. The ceremony is held at the edge of the sea with an incredible sunset. It is important to choose between a priest and the mayor so that we can convey to them how we would like them to conduct the ceremony.

Wedding planner. This is the organiser of the wedding should we decide to use one. They are responsible for everything, from searching for wedding locations, preparing the planning of the event, hiring the best musicians, DJs, suggesting a theme and coordinating all the people involved, the perfect wedding rings or the most appropriate bouquet of flowers. It is a profession that originated in the United States and turns the dreams of the bride and groom into a reality, and at the same time relieves them of the complicated organisation of the event.

The decorator.
A person who is in charge of all the events decorations. It is they who can best advise us on the positioning and decoration of the tables and the restaurant and also the venue which has been chosen for the ceremony. They can also suggest a theme for the wedding according to the tastes of the bride and groom.

The restaurant staff. The role played by the staff of the restaurant is of the utmost importance, they must be attentive so that everything goes well on the day of the banquet. This is one of the things that the guests will not forget, the menu and the service. It is vital that we feel comfortable with the chosen venue, the menu (which we will have previously tried) and the staff.

Photographer. There are many photographers but we should choose the one which best suits our tastes and our style. We also have to decide what tone to set for the wedding story, because the recent trend is for another type of image, e.g. more casual poses, dressed in the wedding outfits on the beach, swimming or even jumping into a swimming pool. Something else that has also become very fashionable is when the photographer can capture images of the bride, groom and the guests unawares.

The DJ. The disco-jockey is the one who will liven up the hours of dancing and fun. It is essential that we tell him about the type of music we like so that he can make the evening a success.

Jazz Musicians to receive the guests. Nothing better to receive the guests at the restaurant than a little live jazz music. Very nice and elegant and a good way to add a touch of glamour to the event.