One of the most magical moments that you can experience in Cala Comte is when the sun sets, as it does every day and everywhere in the world, but only in places like Ibiza will this become an unforgettable memory that will remain with you forever.

Why is the sunset in Ibiza so special? The fact that living on a small island in the Mediterranean offers spectacular views of the sea as the main attraction, not only does it isolate us it is also responsible for giving us the beautiful landscapes of Ibiza. And of course the most spectacular is in the west where every evening the sun bids us farewell for another day.


There are many coves and beaches of Ibiza that are located on the west coast where hundreds of tourists, each day, gather to enjoy the sunset, but few can compete with the spectacular beauty of Platges de Comte, probably the best corner of this part of the island. Platges de Comte is a set of several beaches, each with its own personality which are oriented to the northwest of the Nature Reserve of the Illots Ponent, a set of islets dotting the horizon of the west coast.


Among so much natural beauty, the Restaurant Ses Roques is fortunate to be located in the quietest end of these beaches from where you can watch the sunset while you sit at one of their tables on the charming terrace. You will see that there are hundreds of people who will crowd on to the beach to try and get the best spot to watch the sunset, but you will be the most privileged with your own table and the full attention of the staff of Ses Roques so that the experience will be even more special.

As the sunset approaches you will see how the island inland begins to go dark but in front of us there are hundreds of different reds, violets and yellows which combine to offer us one of the best spectacles of nature. Slowly the sun shines onto the water and its rays slip between the islets on the horizon leaving a shadowy silhouette. Once the sun has disappeared the crowd break into cheers and applause to celebrate the start of the Ibizan night.


Just to imagine such a magical moment on such a beautiful beach will make you want to be at this corner of paradise and that is why in Ses Roques we will be waiting for you to make this moment even more special. How about starting to warm things up with a good mojito? This is one of the small pleasures in life to enjoy with friends, a good drink in such a tempting scenario

If you are someone who likes to dine early do not worry because in Ses Roques dinners are served from late afternoon. If you wish you can watch the sunset while you enjoy our great menu of Mediterranean delights.


If Ses Roques can be at your disposal for watching the sunset can you imagine having this backdrop for such an unforgettable occasion as your wedding day? Many couples have chosen the Platges de Comte to celebrate their wedding and of course have had the best scenery possible to keep in their memory. Getting married with the sunset in the background is one of the most romantic ways to celebrate your love and you will surprise your guests with this natural beauty which we hope will not eclipse the great appetizer we can offer while you take advantage of the warm light that the sun leaves. What a great way to start the wedding banquet.

Whatever the reason for you visit we suggest that you do not miss the sunset on the island, especially from the Platges de Comte. Ses Roques will be waiting for you with open arms to make the end of your day just the start of a night full of surprises.