So that everything goes perfectly on our wedding day at the Restaurant Ses Roques in Ibiza, we need to organise and plan all that you would like to do on this special day so as not to forget any details, and to make this an unforgettable occasion. To do this it is important to start planning some months ahead.

In fact, many experts advise that you start organising at least one year in advance and use a system of planning or type of checklist.
12 months before the wedding.

– The first thing, obviously, is to choose the date and the place. The ideal months are May, June, September and October, the location, the Restaurant Ses Roques in Cala Comte, a paradise with an exceptional beach in one of the most beautiful and most famous corners on the coast of Ibiza. You will also have to decide on the time of day for your celebration, for example, in the evening, with the beautiful sunset, which can be seen from here.

– Make a provisional guest list because we also need to know how much we would like to spend. We can then decide if it will be an intimate, medium or large style wedding.

– Decide who will bear the costs and also estimate the budget of the wedding. This is also a good time to open a joint bank account for the bride and groom to pay for everything related to the wedding.

– We also have to decide whether the wedding will be a civil or a religious one.
9 to 11 months before the wedding.

– Now is the time to make the final guest list, adjusting it to our wishes. The Restaurant Ses Roques has a capacity for 200 guests.

– Another very important thing is to find a church, if you would like a religious ceremony or to contact the Sant Josep Town Hall if it is to be a civil wedding.

– If the wedding is to be a religious one, in the municipality of Sant Josep, where the Restaurant Ses Roques is located, there are a number of beautiful old white churches, which can turn the wedding into something really special. For example, that of Sant Agusti, situated in a beautiful village; that of Sant Josep, surrounded by green mountains or Es Cubells, beside a cliff with breath- taking views.

– If the wedding is a civil one the ceremony may be held on the cliffs of Cala Comte, where Restaurant Ses Roques is situated. You will be able to hire someone to officiate the ceremony.

– Another very important issue is to arrange all the necessary paperwork for the wedding.
6 to 8 months before the wedding.

– It is now the time to choose the theme of your wedding and start looking for all the suppliers.

– For example, a photographer, video, dj, musicians, decorators. The Restaurant Ses Roques collaborates with the company Corsar Events.

– You will also need to arrange transport for your guests, hotels for the bridal couple and their guests, which type of bridal car you would like etc.

4 to 5 months before the wedding.

– There is not much time before the wedding and the invitations need to be sent out.

– The outfits for both the bride and groom are very important and you should begin to choose them.

– It is also time to choose the menu, decide on the type of cake you would like, and what kind of gifts will be given to the guests.

– We must decide on the suppliers for the wedding. For example, the musicians, do we want a violinist, a jazz band, a dj etc.
3 months before the wedding.

– Confirm the final number of guests for the wedding.

– It is time to sample the wedding menu.

– Buy the rings and accessories such as flower baskets, pillows for the rings etc.

– Make the final decision on the bride and grooms outfits.
2 months before the wedding.

– You should have a hairstyle and makeup trial run.

– A very important thing to do at this point is to decide on the programme of the ceremony and reception so that everything runs smoothly.
One month before the wedding.

– Arrange a meeting with all the suppliers who are involved in the wedding so that all goes perfectly.