How are you doing with your wedding preparations? As you know, from Ses Roques restaurant, we love to give you some tips so you can fully enjoy your big day. Some ideas to convert a perfect wedding in Ibiza

So far, we have given some decorative ideas, we’ve explained a little bit the menu of our restaurant, we talked about different styles of wedding gowns, where to host your guests, etc. But today we want to give you three more ideas for making your wedding a real success. We will focus on aspects such as the wedding appetizers, the music and the pre party of the wedding. Don’t miss these tips that will make the day of your wedding an unforgettable experience, both for you and your guests.

Ibiza is world famous for its nature and landscape beauty, but the truth is that in the summer it’s also known for the Djs that enliven the parties held throughout the heating season. That’s why the day of your wedding, you can’t forget about the music! It is important to choose a good professional to be responsible for enliven up the evening. The appetizer time and dancing time are very different, so they both need a type of music suitable to the circumstances. For a drink and a chat while waiting for the newly married couple, chill-out music or a more classic and relaxed style is ideal. On the other hand, after lunch or dinner, it’s time to dance. And it’s not the same the first dance as a married couple, than the “partying” dancing with all the guests. Choose a professional who knows your tastes and has experience in the sector. It’s also very important to use a good sound system and that the DJ has an extensive musical knowledge for fitting the music to the right style and your wedding. The music, although it may seem unnoticed, it is a very important factor for your wedding’s success.

The appetizer is one of the big moments of the celebration. It’s time to wait for the newlyweds, when the guests have the opportunity to chat between them, to meet the family and to relax and have fun before sitting down at the tables to enjoy the cuisine of the island. As you well know, at Ses Roques we are specialists in these kind of events, and that’s why we know what can’t be missing during the appetizer: excellent professionals at your and your guests service and in charge of everything at all times, making sure everybody is served with drinks and appetizer tastings. What you think of an “Iberico ham” cutter expert artfully delighting the guests? Or an excellent bartender preparing refreshing mojitos and champagne? The appetizer is the precursor of the actual party and for that reason it has to leave a good impression, “Foie and mango bonbons”, “Spicy sausage honey lollipops”, “Prawns covered in pistachio sauce”… Isn’t it mouth-watering?

Another important key to make your wedding a success is the pre party. In Ibiza it’s easy to delight your guests: an amazing sunset at Ses Roques restaurant, in Cala Conta, accompanied by delicious refreshing mojitos. Or a ride on a sailboat to explore the remote hidden spots of the island. In Ibiza the possibilities are endless, and the day of your wedding will be unforgettable in this beautiful place.

Take good note of these tips… Soon we’ll be back with many more ideas!