Hello again everyone!

Here we are once again, on our blog, to offer you some more advice on how to make your wedding celebration a success. As you well know, the Restaurant Ses Roques are specialists in arranging this type of event, so here we go with today’s advice. What should you keep in mind regarding the guests at your wedding in Ibiza?

The first contact we have with the guests is usually through the wedding invitations. Today, thanks to new technologies, it is common to choose digital invitations (emails) to give the good news to family and friends. However, the image must be elegant and you should know how to choose a good format to do so. There are design companies and event organisers dedicated to making beautiful digital invitations with elegant images and original text. Also there is the classic printed invitation which is still extremely popular. In fact, the vintage and romantic styles are still the most popular in our country. The most important thing is that the invitation is original and it defines your personal style by the logo, photograph or drawing. There are no limits or restrictions. Be original. All the companies have an extensive range of all types and styles of wedding invitations. Always ask for a quotation.


Another important aspect to consider is the final number of guests at your wedding. Therefore, it is important that on the invitation you ask for confirmation so that you can arrange the menus in the restaurant and any accommodation you may need in a hotel. Make sure that the restaurant you choose can accommodate all your guests comfortably. It is important that you adapt both the restaurant and the menus to suit the style of wedding that you have in mind. In Ses Roques we want to take into account all these details so that everyone will enjoy our special menu and the beautiful surroundings.

One of the things that can cause headaches to the bride and groom is how to seat the guests. The most classic way is for a top table where the newlyweds sit together with their parents, while the rest of the guests are seated on different tables around the room. However, in recent years this protocol has been disappearing and the bride and groom have opted to share a table with their more direct family and friends so that they can be in contact with them all and enjoy the company of everyone. An easy and efficient way is to place a seating plan at the entrance of the restaurant for the guests to find their place. Usually the tables seat between 8-10 guests. All you have to bear in mind is, try and place your guests together depending on the type of  relationships they have, consider the elderly and  children and also if you have any guests with physical disabilities. The most important thing is that everyone has a great time. With these tips we are sure that you will get it right.

We will be back soon with new ideas and tips!